Deeply Experienced Faculty

Kindergarten Readers

A great school is set apart by its teachers. 

Our 95 teachers hold 42 Master's degree or better.

We are currently piloting in grades 6-12 StudyWiz, a web-based virtual classroom that ties iPads, iPods, & computer-based learning activities together.  Of the nine teachers who volunteered to explore this new technology, they cover multiple grade levels and content areas.  We are exploring additional systems contiunally.

Teachers of the Year

Teachers of Distinction

The teachers who have earned this title have not just taught for more than 30 years, they have given their insight, love, and leadership to Goodpasture – and thousands of students are blessed from having been in their classes.

Clint Parnell
Elementary -
Kelli Osborne
John Hayes
Lower Middle -
Cindy Williams
Vicki Newell
Upper Middle -
Collette Estep
Ted Bloodworth
High School -
Becky Boyd
Kay Parnell
Peggy Roberts
Celeste Martin
Sandra Baugh
Charles Baugh
Pam Heintzman